Terefu and Her Children

Handler has directed his first documentary film about a family of Ethiopian Jews that he followed to Israel in 1992 as a still photographer, and re-united with in 2015 to interview. Now live on YouTube. You can view all the photos from this story: HERE.

Crazy And Proud – Intro Video

Crazy and Proud is the inside story of an invisible place – an inner-city shelter for transient, mentally-ill women. This first-person narrative chronicles what happened in 1999 when Lowell Handler, after his successful memoir Twitch and Shout, was hired as a recreation worker to teach photography to this hidden population.
Directed by Devin Pickering
Produced by Lowell Handler

For more information on this book, follow this link: Crazy and Proud
This book is available in Kindle edition from Amazon.

Bernardo and Veronica

In this short film, a Mexican couple tell how they came to the U.S. and their view of life here.
Directed by Lowell Handler
Photography by Francesco Paolo Cordaro
Edited by Devin Pickering