Terefu and Her Children: A Jewish Ethiopian Family in Israel

Handler has directed his first documentary film about a family of Ethiopian Jews that he followed to Israel in 1992 as a still photographer. A short teaser clip is coming soon! You can view some photos from this story: HERE.

Crazy And Proud – Intro Video

Crazy and Proud is the inside story of an invisible place – an inner-city shelter for transient, mentally-ill women. This first-person narrative chronicles what happened in 1999 when Lowell Handler, after his successful memoir Twitch and Shout, was hired as a recreation worker to teach photography to this hidden population.

Directed by Devin Pickering
Produced by Lowell Handler

Click the link below for more information and purchase options on the book’s website:

Bernardo and Veronica

In this short film, a Mexican couple tell how they came to the U.S. and their view of life here.

Directed by Lowell Handler
Photography by Francesco Paolo Cordaro
Edited by Devin Pickering